Information for prospective applicants, mentors and referees


All fellowships under CAROLINE will be hosted by an Irish research-performing organisation (RPO), with international and inter-sectoral mobility. A list of eligible RPOs is available here.

There will be two types of fellowships:

International Fellowships (three-year duration), 30 in all

Researchers awarded with an International Fellowship will spend the first two years based with a partner NGO or IO outside Ireland, with a mandatory return year at the host RPO in Ireland. The researcher can propose optional placements to other organisations, where this is clearly beneficial to their training or research project. Optional placements of up to 6 months to partner organisations other than the main NGO/IO can be proposed. This flexibility is to ensure ongoing training and development in a non-academic environment and to facilitate inter-sectoral transfer of knowledge.

Irish Fellowships (two-year duration), 20 in all

Researchers awarded with an Irish Fellowship will be hosted by an RPO in Ireland for two years, with a main mandatory secondment during this time to NGO or IO partners in Ireland for research and/or training. Additional optional placements of up to 3 months will be considered under these Fellowships.

Value of the award

The amount of the award is individually calculated based on Marie Curie Individual Fellowships rates and the applicable country correction coefficients. The indicative total Fellowship value is approximately €95k per annum consisting of:

  • Estimated salary range of between €53k-€55k per annum (€69k-€72k per annum will be paid to the Irish main host institution which will include the employers PRSI and pension contributions). The specific salary under each Fellowship will depend on the location of the Fellow;
  • Family allowance where applicable of €500 per month;
  • Estimated contribution to direct research costs of €9,600 per annum;
  • Paid maternity leave in line with Irish policy;
  • Health insurance for those not qualifying for EHIC Card;
  • Estimated contribution to partner organisation for overheads of €1,752 per annum

Training programme

To broaden and enrich the skills base of CAROLINE Fellows, the Council will host research and career training programmes. This will support Fellows to develop their communication skills, work effectively with diverse stakeholders and understand how to translate research into policy and practice, as well as project and enhance the impact of the work they do.

Information about NGOs/IOs which have registered interest in participating in the scheme is available here.

FAQ deadline16:00 (GMT) 28 September 2017
Applicant deadline16:00 (GMT) 12 October 2017
Referee, academic mentor, referee, secondment mentor and placement mentor deadline16:00 (GMT) 19 October 2017
Research office endorsement deadline16:00 (GMT) 26 October 2017
“Time of recruitment”15 February 2018
Scheme outcomeEnd of February 2018
Deadline for submission of agreements between home host organisations and main partner organisations to the Council30 April 2018
Fellowship start date1 June 2018

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 713279.