Information for NGOs/IOs

How can NGOs/IOs benefit from the scheme?

CAROLINE will enable NGOs/IOs located anywhere in the world, in developing as well as developed countries, to work together and engage in mutual learning with academic researchers. NGOs/IOs will gain access to expertise and cutting-edge facilities in Irish higher education institutions. The scheme offers the potential to serve as a stepping-stone towards building new/enhancing existing collaborations with Irish research performing organisations (RPO). A list of eligible RPOs is available here.

Many civil society organisations lack the capacity to undertake the research they need and do not have access to resources required to build and sustain such a capacity. CAROLINE will allow overcoming this barrier: CAROLINE fellows will be seconded to NGOs/IOs from their home institution with a full salary covered under the scheme and with a generous budget of €9,600 per year for eligible research expenses for the project.

NGOs/IOs will be in the position to tailor the research project to their exact research interests and priorities, by engaging with the applicants and their mentors at proposal preparation phase. Research projects can be in any discipline, with research topics addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals as outlined in UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

What steps does an NGO/IO need to take during the application process?

The application process will be driven by individual fellowship applicants.

If your organisation has made arrangements with specific applicant(s) and will be supporting fellowship proposal(s), your organisation will need to be registered in the online application system, so that the relevant applicant(s) can assign your organisation to their application. The registration form is available here. Applicants will also be able to invite organisations to register as they are completing the application form in the online system. Please note that this registration only needs to be done once and will be valid for all CAROLINE calls (2017, 2018 and 2019). If you have questions about the registration process for NGO/IO partner organisations participating in application(s) please contact us at

Note that organisations which have previously completed the “expression of interest” form to participate in the scheme will need to register as a participating organisation in the online application system. The two registrations are separate.

If you wish to check whether an expression of interest form has been completed for your organisation and your organisation approved as eligible to participate in the scheme as main partner organisation, please click here.

To check if your organisation is already registered in the online system for CAROLINE, please click here to access the relevant list.

What can an NGO/IO do if it wants to participate in the scheme but is not currently engaging with a CAROLINE fellowship applicant?

The Council can publish information about your organisation in the list of NGOs/IOs interested in participating in the scheme, which will be available on our website. This list can be consulted by prospective applicants as well as prospective academic mentors. To register interest in participating in the scheme, please complete the “expression of interest” form available here.

Organisations that support a CAROLINE fellowship application will need to register as a participating organisation in the online application system (even if they previously registered their interest in participating in the scheme – the two forms are separate) as described above.

Please direct enquiries about the scheme to

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 713279.