Our suite of enterprise programmes are designed to support enterprise–academia–social engagement through exceptional individual researchers.

We aim to nurture the skills development of excellent early-stage researchers and cultivate independent thinkers by offering a range of opportunities supporting diverse career paths.

The enterprise programmes (Employment-Based Programme and the Enterprise Partnership Scheme) are tailored to provide excellent early-stage researchers with vital experience in an organisation relevant to their field of research. These schemes enrich the pool of knowledge through collaboration and by enabling knowledge exchange with government departments and agencies, enterprise and civic society.

For early-stage researchers, our programmes:

  • provide significant hands-on experience in an employment setting
  • offer the opportunity to research challenges facing organisations and enterprises
  • facilitate the commercialisation and application of their research
  • nurture the development of transferable skills, with researchers being co-supervised by leading experts in enterprise and academic domains

For higher education institutions and academic supervisors, our programmes:

  • offer a valuable opportunity to build working relationships with relevant organisations and enterprises
  • provide a means of developing engagement with registered charities and not-for-profit organisations

For enterprise partners, our programmes:

  • support exceptional researchers and innovative projects
  • facilitate research relevant to their business or operational needs
  • offer excellent value for money, maximising shared benefits and minimising risk

Interested in applying?

We welcome applications from individuals seeking to conduct research across a range of organisations including businesses, companies, registered charities and not-for-profit organisations. To date, we have engaged with over 320 such partners. We are always eager to support exciting new collaborations linking employers with talented researchers.

Both the Employment-Based Programme and the Enterprise Partnership Scheme facilitate intersectoral collaboration, however there are some important differences between the two schemes:

Employment-Based ProgrammeEnterprise Partnership Scheme
The scholar is an employee of the employment partner and is embedded in that organisation, spending limited time at their higher education institutionThe scholar is primarily based in their higher education institution, but may spend time with their enterprise partner if appropriate
The employment partner must have a base in the Republic of IrelandThe enterprise partner can be based anywhere in the world
The scholar may be an existing employee of the employment partnerThe scholar may not be an existing employee of the enterprise partner
The scholar has an academic supervisor within their higher education institutionThe scholar has an academic supervisor within their affiliated higher education institution who they work with closely on a day-to-day basis whilst liaising with their enterprise mentor
The scholar has an employment mentor who they work with closely on a day-to-day basis whilst liaising with their academic supervisorThe scholar has an enterprise mentor who works with them and their academic supervisor

For companies or organisations interested in becoming an enterprise or employment partner, please register your interest here.