Announcing the launch of a sectoral Shared Service Jobs Portal

Posted: 12 March, 2014

On the 20th September 2013 agreement was reached by the HR Directors of all 7 National Universities and the IUA (Irish University Association) to formally approve the implementation of a HR Shared Service Jobs Portal for all University Vacancies in Ireland.  The Jobs Portal ‘University Vacancies’ (Ireland),  will provide a one stop portal where all university vacancies in Ireland will be advertised.

The portal will provide a strategic profile for the Irish University Sector with a view to extending it to the wider HE Sector nationally and internationally in time.

The portal can be accessed from anywhere and is Smartphone and Tablet friendly with a dynamic screen sizing. The site has full social media integration with vacancies automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter and Social Media Groups. The site also has the ability to provide potential applicants with email notifications of jobs they might be interested in where they have indicated their interest in receiving such updates.

For more information on the Jobs Portal please contact