International students should be given right to work here after study

Posted: 7 October, 2015

The Chair of the Irish Research Council, Professor Jane Ohlmeyer has said that international students who come to study in Ireland should be given the right to work here for a period after their studies and that we should promote this message internationally.

Professor Ohlmeyer, speaking after UK Home Secretary Theresa May stated that it was her government’s intention to send international students home when they complete their studies, commented “International students who come to Ireland often fall in love with the country and build up a network here. Many are extraordinarily bright and want to contribute to Irish society and to our economy. We must give them an opportunity to do so. Ireland must build on our image as being the most welcoming country for the world’s brightest minds.

“Some might regard the UK’s planned approach as shortsighted.  I am confident that Ireland would not pursue such a path.”

Over one in ten students in Irish higher education come from outside of Ireland.