Irish Research Council welcomes Irish Universities Association Impact Study

Posted: 4 April, 2019

The Irish Research Council has welcomed the findings of a report published today by the Irish Universities Association on the role universities play in the economy and society.

Delivering for Ireland: An Impact Assessment of Irish Universities found that Irish universities make a total research impact of €1.5bn to the economy.

Commenting today, Chair of the Irish Research Council, Professor Jane Ohlmeyer said: “The findings provide proof of the substantial return on investment in higher education in Ireland.

“According to this report, Irish universities make a total research impact of €1.5bn to the economy. Further to this, the average lifetime net premium of a PhD holder rises to €222,000 – more than double that of an undergraduate degree holder, highlighting that investment in research has real economic benefits for Ireland, as well as being vital in developing the talent pipeline, and generating cutting edge innovations.

“The Council has played a key role in funding excellent research across the higher education sector and is committed to continuing this. While the report today proves the value of investing in research and higher education in Ireland, it also highlights the need for strong public and political support for the sector to allow it to grow and develop.”