Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme

Thinking about applying?

Please note that, for reasons of transparency and fairness for all applicants, we will not enter into email, written or telephone correspondence with any individual applicant about the assessment process or their eligibility to apply.

Applicants should review all available documentation on our website, in particular the Terms and Conditions, in order to answer any queries they may have.

If you do not find the answer to your query in the available documentation, you should contact the research office (i.e. the office of the Vice-President/Dean of Research/Head of Development, as applicable) in your proposed institution. The research office will be able to provide information and clarification on the call. Research offices may send any queries they are unable to clarify to schemes@research.ie with the subject ‘Employment-Based Programme 2018 FAQ’. A set of FAQs will then be posted on this webpage.

What is an employment partner?

  • Employment partner shall mean a business, company, registered charity, social, cultural or not-for-profit civic organisation, semi-state commercial organisation or eligible public body with a physical operational base located in the Republic of Ireland that will employ the scholar for the duration of the award.
  • Public body shall mean a public service body with specific scientific or cultural infrastructure that is integral to the conduct and completion of the proposed research.
  • If a public body or higher education institution is an eligible research performing organisation (see full list below), it is not an eligible employment partner under this scheme.
  • To be an eligible employment partner, an organisation must have an organisational base in the Republic of Ireland which can host the researcher.
  • The organisation can commit to a minimum contribution of €8,000 p.a. towards the salary of the researcher.
  • The organisation has the facilities to conduct the research and can provide mentorship to the researcher.

Irish Red Cross Health in Justice Programme

The Irish Red Cross and Irish Prison Services fund the Irish Red Cross Health in Justice programme. This partnership will support one 48-month PhD application under the Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme 2018. Full details are available below.

Application process

Please see the application flowchart document for a diagram of the application and assessment process.

Applications (including academic supervisor, employment mentor and referee forms) will only be accepted through the online application system.

As an aid to preparing an application, an indicative Word document version of the application form is provided below. Indicative academic supervisor, employment mentor and referee forms are also provided. These forms are for information purposes: all applicants (and supervisors and referees) must register and submit their applications through the online application system according to the deadlines below.


Call open14 February 2018
FAQ deadline16:00 (Irish time) 5 April 2018
Applicant deadline16:00 (Irish time) 12 April 2018
Supervisor, employment mentor and referee deadline16:00 (Irish time) 19 April 2018
Research office endorsement deadline16:00 (Irish time) 26 April 2018
Call outcome July 2018
Scholarship start date1 October 2018