Marking the Decade of Centenaries: Ireland 1916-2016

By Irish Research Council

Posted: 28 March, 2016

The Decade of Centenaries offers a unique opportunity for national reflection and remembrance. This period marks a significant time in both modern Irish and European history, society and culture.

The Irish Research Council is marking the Decade of Centenaries by supporting flagship research projects related to the period 1912- 1922, including 1916. The awarding of the flagship research projects began in 2015. The breadth, diversity and range of these projects are a reminder that Ireland, and being Irish, is complex and can be expressed in a myriad ways. Themes addressed include music and identity, commemoration and how we commemorate, Irish soldiers in the Great War, and women and revolution.

In addition to the traditional academic outputs of books and conferences, outputs from the projects range from a mobile walking app of key locations of the Rising in Dublin to online exhibitions and podcasts to learning materials for secondary schools to a premiere of an orchestral work in memory of Patrick Pearse. These projects echo a number of distinct but interwoven themes of historical reflection; preserving our past; global perspectives and cultural expressions.

The ‘Marking the Decade of Centenaries: Ireland 1916-2016’ booklet also highlights research in this period undertaken by Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Scholars and Postdoctoral Fellows. In addition, we have included our blog series about researchers in 1916

Marking the Decade of Centenaries: Ireland 1916-2016